Factory Navigator

The Factory Navigator is an innovative simulation and analytics software designed to improve logistics processes and support complex decision making across industries.

Market Drivers

The pressure to decrease capital costs, reduce inventory and improve manufacturing and logistics processes has never been greater. Efficient production and logistics have become a crucial success factor in many industries. Not achieving cost reduction or process innovation goals means falling behind competitors. Despite the necessity to reduce costs, logistics processes are expected to function flawlessly at minimal costs.

Many companies struggle to balance these two contradicting goals. Hidden potentials remain unidentified. As a result, these companies operate on over-capacity and over-stock in order to safeguard their logistics performance.

Furthermore, the complexity of today’s logistics and production processes often results in insufficient process control and inadequate decision support. ERP systems and conventional analytics software fail to create the desired transparency, nor do they contain reliable early-warning-mechanisms.

BearingPoint helps its customers to achieve logistics excellence using the in-house Factory Navigator software.

Typical challenges are:

Our Approach

Solve problems before they occur

BearingPoint experts use the Factory Navigator software in order to help their customers achieve their ambitious goals. The Factory Navigator is an innovative simulation and analytics software designed to improve logistics processes and support complex decision making. It is capable of producing in-depth understanding through precise models that capture the client’s processes at the right level of detail. The valuable results are used to optimize logistics processes, conduct risk assessment or reduce costs and inventory. What-if-comparisons enable a fast and risk-free evaluation of proposed changes.

The Factory Navigator’s software architecture is unique and unrivaled in the market because it allows for automated model generation from various data sources including SAP. Tailor-made analysis models are automatically created from company specific data using a rich set of interfaces. As a consequence, results are precise and problem solving cycles are short and inexpensive.


Fields of application

The Factory Navigator addresses and solves logistics problems ranging from warehousing to distribution.


  Order Release and Order Scheduling

  Line Supply

  Production Planning

  Production Control


Data Integration

Simulation and Optimization

Reporting and Analysis


The application of the Factory Navigator is based on a five phase project approach. Typical analysis cycles run in 12-14 weeks.


The Factory Navigator can be applied for baselining current systems, forecasting future performance, safeguarding structural and process changes, and strategic design problems.

Client Benefits

Challenges and benefits

The Factory Navigator is an innovative software product created for the simulation and optimization of the production and logistics processes.

  Reduce risks

  Optimize processes

  Reduce cost

Typical Challenges:

  Increase performance

  Increase transparency

  Secure investments



In today’s competitive markets, the highest levels of quality and efficiency are demanded from logistics processes - internally and from customers. BearingPoint satisfies these expectations with the help of the Factory Navigator.

The key benefits are:


Project at a truck and bus manufacturer

BearingPoint helped a truck and bus manufacturer to improve logistics perfomance and reduce inventory holding costs by using the Factory Navigator. The key challenge was to prevent stock-outs of the material to line supply in order to ensure uninterrupted production. Material shortages caused by inappropriate logistical configurations were recognized and corrected before the problems occurred in the plant. Additionally, inventory holding costs were reduced by optimizing logistics parameter configurations. By using simulations, significant saving potentials were identified on the shop floor. In order to achieve this, BearingPoint integrated the client’s SAP system, their operational scheduling system and the Factory Navigator.

During an SAP-Rollout at a truck and bus manufacturer, the Factory Navigator was used to detect and solve problems before they occurred. Furthermore, the inventory was significantly reduced while preserving logistics performance.

Goals and Motivation: