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Chemicals & Life Sciences
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A new chemistry in the markets

The life science industry is seeing the growth of specialist ‘cherry-picking’ as well as extra costs in bringing new products to the market.

The erosion of patent protection on the one hand and the proliferation of regulations on new products on the other means that margins are being squeezed. Problems with pricing and supply chains are also afflicting long-established corporations.

Chemicals companies are facing low-cost competition from the Middle and Far East, at the same time as these challenges from regulators. They are now focusing on maintaining their distinctive strengths and positioning while addressing sustainability and risk management issues.

Although the life science and chemicals industries face difficult market conditions, the process manufacturing industry is maintaining its impetus through mergers, acquisitions, divestments and major organisational changes.

Our expertise

Our team exists to streamline product portfolios, sharpen pricing processes and refine management and sales operations for our clients.

From business life cycle management to sales force effectiveness, we create innovative solutions, designed to increase profitability.

We also offer specific integrated solutions for data rich and regulation heavy areas such as clinical trial management. Organising and managing supply chains, sales management and customer segmentation in these industries brings our specialised knowledge of complex compliance requirements and regulated business processes into profitable play.

Here’s how your function relates to what we offer.

We make sure we understand your business problems, the trends in your industry and then work out what we need to do to achieve results for you. Our consultants know where you are coming from, because they’ve usually been in your industry. We combine our deep knowledge and experience in your sector with the technical ability to create solutions with real business value. We’re always looking to find ways to improve your productivity, streamline your processes, and leverage new revenue opportunities for you.

Finally, we get results - virtually all of our most significant clients renew their relationship with us year on year.

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