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Making it worldwide

Manufacturers around the world need to meet the demand for shorter cycles of innovation, products designed around customer needs and global service support. To this end they require excellent operational structures and processes as well as agile, responsive supply chains and effective product portfolio management. Most companies cannot offer all this without massive investment in business management and IT capability.

Our expertise

Our team provides dedicated, flexible business and IT solutions to many world-class manufacturing clients. We bring a global outlook to product development units, provide customer focus and market knowledge to sales organisations and help organisations enjoy effective and strategic procurement sourcing, lean production processes and full life-cycle service capabilities globally.

Our wide-ranging solutions include:

  • helping a client to run complex proposal processes more quickly and effectively
  • helping a company to succeed in a high margin driven service business
  • helping sales, distribution and production planning departments to respond quickly and flexibly to sudden fluctuations in market and customer demands

In the context of Industry 4.0 we enabled a client to accelerate the service and maintenance processes for his products through a Remote Monitoring System to achieve increased availability, efficiency and transparency.

We currently focus on:

After-sales service professionalization

To increase your competitive capabilities in machinery and plant engineering, you need innovative business models that enable you to position yourself as a full service provider in after sales.

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B2B - Quotation Management

Efficient B2B Proposal Management is an essential part of Customer Management (CM). This benefits everyone involved in business processes, including sales, marketing, customer service and information management.

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Lean Management for Engineering and Services

Our integrated Lean-ERP solution leverages the virtues of both Lean Manufacturing and Enterprise Resource Planning in order to derive sustainable bottom line improvements for manufacturing enterprises.

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Obsolescence Management

Technological progress and market and competitive influences result in the continuous improvement of supplier component portfolios. Adjusting the portfolio for obsolete parts is often difficult, because customer requirements in many cases do not comply with contracts.

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Operational Excellence through Lean Engineering

Our Lean Engineering services offer your organization increased agility and project efficiency through our unique Visual Management-based methodology. This integrates core principles of project and change management while changing the mindset of involved stakeholders from ‘reasons why we’re late’ to ‘how we can minimize delays’.

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Quality and Warranty Management Solutions

Our Advanced Warranty and Containment System (AWaCS) gives you early warning of emerging quality and warranty problems. It works by capturing and analyzing diagnostic data on products.

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Sales and Production Planning Excellence

Sales departments need to respond flexibly and quickly to market demands in order to supply goods and provide satisfaction to customers. Yet their ability to do so is constrained by decreasing capital commitments.

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Supplier Relationship Management

With our Supplier Relationship Management you can benefit from SAP-based process acceleration, cost optimization and reduction, and supply strategy improvement.

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Supply Chain Synchronization

The financial crisis of 2008/2009 showed the weakness of many companies in synchronizing their supply chain. The massive decline in sales posed big challenges to manufacturing companies. Existing issues in supply chain management surfaced and the priority was to adapt supply chain output fast to changing market conditions.

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Here’s how your function relates to what we offer.

We make sure we understand your business problems, the trends in your industry and then work out what we need to do to achieve results for you.

Our consultants know where you are coming from, because they’ve usually been in your industry. We combine our deep knowledge and experience in your sector with the technical ability to create solutions with real business value. We’re always looking to find ways to improve your productivity, streamline your processes, and leverage new revenue opportunities for you.

Finally, we get results - virtually all of our most significant clients renew their relationship with us year on year.

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