SOA Security Compendium 2.0


BearingPoint created a compendium of security-relevant topics about service-oriented architectures (SOA).

Objectives of the project

To create a comprehensive compendium that supports enterprises and public authorities in the implementation of suitable security measures, providing an important contribution to the general security of service oriented architectures.

Measurable & concrete results

  • Comprehensive SOA Security reference book for enterprises and public authorities describing all the relevant standards and technologies.
  • Specific security measures described in detail for supporting persons in charge of realising a suitable security level regarding service oriented architectures.
  • The risk, compliance and security management and organisational aspects are described – which have a key impact on success and sustainability of security measures.
  • Future relevant, technologically challenging and innovative SOA security topics and significant trends are pointed out. 

Key success factors

  • Deep knowledge and extensive experience in the area of SOA and SOA-Security, e.g. SOA Governance Framework White Paper, SOA and Web Services Security Framework for New York City, SOA Security Compendium, SOA Middleware Screening.
  • Excellent contacts in academic and research institutions , e.g. Hasso-Plattner-Institut (HPI), Fraunhofer SIT.