CRM programme management assistance

A French leader in mutual insurance

PMO assistance of a leading French Insurance company’s CRM programme including the implementation of the Siebel CRM system.

Objectives of the project

The ambition of the company’s CRM program is to define a ‘Global Approach’ to a member: qualify the individuals and their relations within the member’s household; centralise the set of information related to the portfolio of products held by the client in the product lines; anticipate the client’s needs beyond the simple processing of contracts or disasters; integrate in IT transformation system.

Measurable & concrete results

Control the Program

  • Strict monitoring for the budget and planning to ensure respect of deadlines
  • ‘Exemplary’ Program for the client

Respect the upper bounds of budget and deadlines

  • 18 months for batch 1
  • 25,000 men/days

Spread the ‘Programme culture’ within the client’s team

  • Respecting commitment and acknowledging responsibility
  • Batching the requirements over several years
  • Arbitration and respecting the scope
  • Monitor progress, status, tendency and escalate alerts

What BearingPoint did

BearingPoint was engaged throughout the duration of the Program with a PMO team made up of 6 consultants:

  • Planning/Deliverables Management
  • Budget/Scope Management
  • Risk Management
  • Decision Makers Management and Reporting