Risk Processes and Reporting

Many financial institutions can improve their risk management processes and it makes a great deal of sense to optimize these processes. Optimization can, for example, help to reduce RWA and regulatory capital, in order to comply with the increased capital requirements of Basel III and Solvency II.

We can help.

To increase risk management efficiency, we recommend setting up consistent and standardized risk management processes with a high level of automation. These processes will enable you to constructively influence decision-making by measuring and controlling risks in an integrated and transparent way.

We can also help with another key challenge – developing appropriate and effective risk reporting to supply information for decision-making, and to meet the requests of regulators (see BCBS 239).

So you can optimize risk reporting and comply with regulatory requirements, we can help you streamline all reporting structures both for individual functions and top management. To this end, we recommend setting up a clear top-down driven report structure for risk and finance with consistent definitions and methods.

How BearingPoint brings value

Drawing from our expertise in risk processes and policies, we can help you meet regulatory requirements, reduce capital cost, use precise methods and instruments, leverage automation and create a more efficient and flexible risk management system.

We provide support across a range of risk management issues including: