Banking regulation

Banks of all kinds and sizes need to react swiftly and professionally to the many new and extended regulatory requirements that continue to arise following the financial crisis which started back in 2007. Rules and regulations have been established to standardize risk management for financial institutions, for example Basel II.5/III with European regulation in so called CRR and updated versions of MaRisk, SolvV, KWG. The following financial risk management issues are key:

We can help our clients tackle these issues in order to meet regulatory requirements and manage risk effectively.

How BearingPoint brings value

To implement the increasingly complex regulatory requirements you need to bring together different skills. These skills range from functional, organizational and methodological knowledge to mathematical and technical expertise. In addition you need to understand the regulatory regime and its application in various countries.

Your business and IT experts must work together to meet the requirements of growing functional complexity, increasing amounts of data and less tolerance for late reports or imprecise results.

We can help. As one of the leading consultancies in risk management and banking regulation, we combine the required skills which have been developed and proven during many successful client engagements throughout Europe and globally. As the provider of the leading regulatory reporting software ABACUS/DaVinci, we know both the theory and the practice of banking regulation.