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Clienteling – Enriching personalized interactions with customers in store

Online sales keep on gaining market shares in the distribution channel mix and retailers must rethink their bricks-and-mortar development strategy. They must leverage the human interactions that customers have with salespeople. Read more

Innovations in SAP Finance

Innovations in SAP Finance using SAP Simple Finance Read more

IT Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory – BearingPoint’s IT Due Diligence Approach

Profit from our long history of managing IT Due Diligence and M&A projects. Read more

LogCOST - Optimization of Transport Costs and CO2 Emission in a single application

Plan and track transport costs, run a customer profitability management, provide CO2 reports Read more

BearingPoint Credit Management and Trade Finance Solution in SAP

BearingPoint places in SAP ERP integrated tool for "Credit Management" and "Trade Finance" on the market Read more

BearingPoint ETRM Add-on

BearingPoint places new innovative Energy Trading & Risk Management solution add-on on the market Read more

The moment of truth has arrived for NFC, has Near Field Communication found its way into Retail? – Convergence Letter 41

If the NFC has been around for over 10 years, its development seems closer than ever: what are the levers? Read more

The SIM card in the engine : the road movie of automobile-telecoms convergence – Convergence Letter 38

The automobile sector is in the midst of a global revolution. The car, communicating since long, becomes smart and doesn’t stop developing. This indicates a convergence of the automobile and telecoms sectors. Read more

The Apple SIM

Are Mobile Operators sitting on a ticking time bomb? Read more

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