Zoom on Energy 2 - A new challenge: smart energy

Deployment of Smart Meters: a necessary gateway

The French Distributor ERDF is currently experimenting with this subject: in the first quarter of 2010, it will begin the progressive installation of ‘Linky’ Smart Meters for 300,000 customers, which means 1% of their meters.

The boom of new usages: a challenge for the electric power distribution system

Following the adoption by the European Community of the ‘Climate’ package of 23rd April 2009, numerous European countries have set the objective of 20% of renewable energy in their energy consumption by 2020.

Smart Home: the battle for control of the end customer

Nearly 67% of American energy companies have chosen to deploy these systems to improve their customer service (transparency, precision, reduction in the number of service calls, speed). In Europe, by 2013, the rate of penetration of smart meters should reach 32%.