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Darwinism in a Consumer-Driven World

How to survive in today’s digital, fast evolving and consumer-driven world ? Read more

Digital Testing / Testmanagement@BearingPoint

Innovative and successful testing Read more

Poster Testmanagement@BearingPoint

Overview of the test management framework@BearingPoint Read more

Mirage or Oasis? - Convergence Letter 37

The emerging countries unquestionably represent a company growth relay. However, how is the situation in regards to customer relationships and digital in those countries? Read more

Our COREP/FINREP reporting solutions provide a rapid and efficient way to achieve regulatory compliance

ABACUS/DaVinci is our standard software solution for bank supervisory and regulatory reporting, used by more than 180 institutions to submit reports, fast and simple, to the banking supervisory authorities.  Read more

Cloud Navigator – Helping you navigate the cloud

The BearingPoint Cloud Navigator provides transparency to better evaluate and prioritize cloud projects. Read more

CFO Survey 2013/2014

The impact of digitalization, regulation and sustainability on the finance function. Read more

Anti Money Laundering and Fraud Prevention Remain to be a Challenge for German Banks

The regulatory pressure on German banks keeps increasing. Since 2011, amendments to the Anti Money Laundering (AML) act and new regulations have placed a heavy burden on the sector. Read more

IT Sourcing

This white paper focuses on IT sourcing from the perspective of the outsourcing of a complete service delivery. It shows how a structured approach to this can realize substantial benefits for organizations. Read more

Are you getting the most from your pricing?

Pricing can be taken to a whole new level by following a more structured, analytical and data-driven approach; after all retail pricing is all about finding the price that maximizes profits. Read more


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