Adaptive Thinking


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Carbon footprint for logistics

Greenwashing was yesterday – carbon accounting is now Read more

Green Supply Chain Management

Sustainable Supply Chains Save Money and Protect the Environment Read more

G8 "Climate change – The New Economy"

We are proud to present you the G8-publication “Climate change – The New Economy”, the official magazine of the G8 summit that took place on the 17th and 18th June 2013 to which BearingPoint contributed. Read more

Liquidity Risk Stress Testing

White Paper presenting a solution for complying with the regulatory requirements for liquidity risk stress testing, which can be applied in various banking environments Read more

Patient Focused Business Model

New and more efficient ways of interaction with customers. Read more

Think Mobile – Taking Advantage of the Mobile Channel in the Health Care Business

The remarkable potential of digital mobile channels. Read more

Concerted Channel Management

Thoroughly managing the plethora of communication channels. Read more

Telecommunications Outlook 2013

Future of Mobile Broadband Read more

Design Thinking - Convergence Letter 32

For the true players of the digital world, design thinking has long since been a reality. However, it is now becoming increasingly relevant for service companies. Read more

Consolidation of applications

This white paper discusses the potential of IT consolidation with practical approaches to its implementation, to realize cost savings, increased efficiency and enhanced overall IT performance. Read more


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