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Chained to the past: what to do when your retail supply chain puts the brakes on your omni-channel journey

Omni-channel is the new black, but is the supply chain pain worth the gain, and why does the omni-channel journey of so many retailers stall just as it seems to be taking off? Read more

LogCOST - Optimization of Transport Costs and CO2 Emission in a single application

Plan and track transport costs, run a customer profitability management, provide CO2 reports Read more

The moment of truth has arrived for NFC, has Near Field Communication found its way into Retail? – Convergence Letter 41

If the NFC has been around for over 10 years, its development seems closer than ever: what are the levers? Read more

The SIM card in the engine : the road movie of automobile-telecoms convergence – Convergence Letter 38

The automobile sector is in the midst of a global revolution. The car, communicating since long, becomes smart and doesn’t stop developing. This indicates a convergence of the automobile and telecoms sectors. Read more

The Apple SIM

Are Mobile Operators sitting on a ticking time bomb? Read more

Supply Chain Strategy & Process Alignment

Identification of relevant improvement areas and potential fields for action within your supply chain strategy. Read more

Finance Transformation 3.0: Coping with increasing regulatory controls under Solvency II and IFRS 4/9

Implementation of the regulatory requirements: Solvency II, IFRS 4 and IFRS 9 Read more

IT Financial management, a major concern for CIOs

Manage your IT costs with greater clarity and confidence Read more

Value Driver based planning with SAP

A demo case: shortened planning cycles and high quality of planning with SAP-BPC Read more

Rethinking international technical assistance

To bring sense back into international aid Read more


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