Change management for CRM system implementation

    A leader in the European entertainment industry (TV channel publishing, film distribution).

    Implementation of a change management strategy for CRM system update

    Objectives of the project

    Implementation of a change management strategy within the modification of a CRM system.

    Measurable & concrete results

    • Rolling out of the new CRM system and training of 1,000 and then 1,500 users.
    • Realisation of a targeted communication plan using play and high tech (teasers, video, QuickStart, goodies) for a strong impact.
    • Conception and realisation of a training programme: 3 day courses with a mix of theory (65%) and practice (35%), creation of an e-learning system with our internal Web Studio.
    • Strong sponsorship of the top management and development of project fame.

    Key success factors

    • We dedicated a team to define and deploy change management and training action plans.
    • The BearingPoint change management team worked closely with our clients’ teams.
    • To follow the rolling out and cascade change management actions we set up an ambassador network.
    • We used a play and high tech communication and training channel (e-learning) which are adapted to the culture of the client.

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