End-user profiling

A leader in the telecom industry in France:

Research into the likely evolution of business users’ telecom usage patterns for a leading French telco.

Objectives of the project

To identify key trends in current and forecast communications usage relating to business end-users, thereby facilitating the targeted marketing of telecom operators’ future products and services. Research focused on five national markets (France, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland and Belgium) and included companies of all sizes across a spread of industries and sectors within each country.

Measurable & concrete results

  • A quantitative analysis, based on an online survey, which details various end users’ telecom and IT usage patterns and requirements at both the personal and professional level, and assesses the influence of these factors on their purchase of telecom products and services.
  • A qualitative analysis, based on focus groups results, which shows end-users’ main interests today and outlines the likely trends which will influence their telecom usage through to 2015.
  • A European deck offering key insights into national markets, including the likely evolution of business end-users’ requirements, the impact of social and technological developments, and recommendations based on a future vision.

Key success factors

BearingPoint’s capacity to establish informed conclusions based on our understanding of the end-user experience – a key source for innovation among B2B telecom providers. The firm also leveraged its marketing insights regarding the ongoing convergence of devices and technologies, and its four years of experience in offering “push” consultancy services on this topic to French telcos. BearingPoint’s views on the “digital consumer” and its continuing work on the digital management of CRM solutions also played a key role.

We also benefited from our partnerships with BIP in address the Spanish market, and with TNS in conducting the quantitative survey.