DNA profiling: the innovative company

How to increase creative ability in business?

This book explores an organic vision of company innovation, through an analogy with DNA and its four nitrogenous bases. Like all living organisms, a company has the fundamental ‘genetic’ bases of its ability to innovate. This DNA mutates under both environmental influences and evolutionary factors allowing a company to develop new patterns of behaviour. At the dawn of the 21st century, the result of this process is the emergence of what we could call the hyperconnected company.

Through this ongoing metaphor, the book provides decision-makers with several paths along which to increase their ability to innovate, taking advantage of genetic bases such as their own factors of change. The study is based on observations made of large companies, for whom innovation is an absolute imperative. It alternates theoretical analyses with concrete illustrations, and spotlights innovation leaders such as Louis Vuitton, 3M, Bouygues Telecom, BNP Paribas, Siemens, Danone and Air Liquide, to name but a few.