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‘Integrate to survive’ - what Europe’s chains need to know about cross-channel retailing

Finding profit while avoiding a race to the bottom means Europe’s retailers need to move from multi-channel to integrated cross-channel sales models Read more


What Europe’s state healthcare systems can learn from customer relationship management

Borrowing from the private sector to re-focus on patient-provider relationships is the key to efficient, compassionate health services Read more


BearingPoint and ARETE grow together in Turkey

European management and technology consultancy BearingPoint and SAP Gold Partner ARETE enter into strategic alliance. Read more


BearingPoint pioneers unique postcode system

BearingPoint will have a major role in a project to rollout the world’s first postcode system that uniquely identifies all mailable properties in a country. Read more


VHV group takes management of capital investments to new level

Management and technology consultancy BearingPoint supported the insurance firm in choosing and implementing SimCorp Dimension Read more


Insurers aiming to fill infrastructure investment gap left by banks and governments

BearingPoint Institute: infrastructure debt financing at 8 year low, 75% of insurance firms planning to step in Read more


BearingPoint and Cumbria enter into strategic consulting alliance

Enhanced consulting capabilities for financial services clients in Europe Read more


The developed world must learn some key lessons from third world innovators to remain competitive

BearingPoint Institute demonstrates how Western companies need a complete rethink when it comes to harnessing innovation. Read more


Crédit Agricole turns to innovative digital banking platform to thrive in new banking era

BearingPoint Institute: award-winning app store adds new value to customers Read more


Bigger is not better - new banking reality demands strategic rethink across Europe

BearingPoint Institute reports: only the truly innovative and customer focused banks will thrive Read more

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