Innovation, R&D

Innovation, R&D
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All successful companies need innovation and R&D strategies, particularly larger companies with complex project portfolios. These strategies are vital to business growth and value creation.

Putting efficient innovation models in place presents many challenges. First, companies need to create an innovation portfolio. Then they must plan launch trajectories and product life cycle management. Also, they are faced with a clear choice between agile processes with ‘try and learn’ pilots or ‘still open’ innovation mechanisms.

Identifying and transforming tomorrow’s growth drivers, and improving product life cycle management are other decisions every company has to make - how to optimise internal R&D efforts, steer innovation and manage rare expertise, all at the same time?

Our expertise

Our dedicated team of consultants can help you. We are experts in innovation, R&D and new product development related issues, covering industries and sectors including manufacturing, banking, luxury goods, the media, telecommunications and retail.

We have developed partnerships with key stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem including design companies, investment funds, the academic world, the media and software developers.

Our multi-industry vision of best practices in innovation & business can best be seen in our Innovation Management Observatory, an annual study we have conducted since 2006. We also regular share a platform within the ‘Club Medici - a group of innovation decision-makers.

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