Demand Management and Planning

Companies today face a number of challenges. They need to gain visibility and use customer demand information to streamline their supply chain and reduce stock holding and obsolescence while maintaining or improving customer service level agreements.

Customers want more for less and they demand to be satisfied more quickly, otherwise they will source alternative suppliers. Companies are responding by stretching their supply chains to breaking point - increasing the number of third parties involved and often increasing the operating cost as well as the trading risks and failing to deliver on their promises.

The executive’s challenge is to ensure that the supply chain is capable of responding to demand without increasing operating costs or trading risks.

How BearingPoint brings value

We have applied our expertise in demand management and planning to help many large clients serve their customers better while reducing operations and inventory cost. Our clients range across various sectors including FMCG, retail, automotive, aerospace and complex manufacturing industries.

We encompass the right balance between state-of-the art process optimization, relevant advanced planning systems expertise, and the conviction that collaboration is key in planning. Typical improvement cases include: