Mark Burnett

Mark Burnett
  • 2010 Head of Innovation and Change Management
  • 2008 Manager at BearingPoint, UK Head of IT Strategy & Transformation
  • 2005 Head of Innovation for CSC UK
  • 2003 CSC Chief Architect for Royal Mail Group
  • 2001 CSC Global Architect for BAE SYSTEMS
  • 1999 Softlab UK, Chief Technical Officer, Application Service Provision
  • 1997 Softlab UK, Chief Architect, BMW Group Warranty Solution
  • 1992 AT&T Chief Solution Architect
  • 1990 AT&T New Technology Specialist

My expertise

I’ve worked in many industries including logistics, automotive, central government, aerospace & defence, healthcare, and financial services. Each has involved fascinating challenges across people, process, and technology and lessons learnt in one sector have more often than not been transferable to others.

I’ve worked in most parts of the solution delivery life-cycle, in the early days from analysis and design to software engineering, enterprise architecture and IT Strategy to Business Architecture and Organisational Development. Since 2005 I’ve focussed on innovation, acting mostly in advisory roles or facilitating others in aligning on the best way forward in a difficult situation. I believe that all problems lie in people, as do all solutions, and invest a significant amount of my time in coaching and mentoring. Every solution involves change and helping people manage change is key to successful innovation.

My interest is in the leading edge and that’s what’s characterised most of my projects. Be it new technologies or novel business models, I have worked with many inspiring clients that had a real appetite for progress.

My goal is to create sustainable, game changing innovation that turns ideas and ideals into value. I work with people to develop better understanding of their needs, aspirations and potential and how this relates to the bigger picture, working with them to explore options and resolve tensions to make balanced decisions about how to proceed in realising their vision and making it sustainable.


2011 BearingPoint, Measuring Innovation Point of View

2011 BPTrends, The Elements of Southbeach Notation 0.9 published incorporating community feedback on the formal innovation method first published in 2008

2008 BPTrends, Southbeach Notation Specification 0.8 published defining a formal visual language for situation modelling and improvement

2005 Leading Edge Forum Journal article “Do you have problems?” on the application of TRIZ, an innovation method from engineering, to Business and IT

My personal life

I love to cook, and I’m a keen photographer. Most of my holidays have been road trips involving visits to fascinating cultures, amazing architectures, or awe inspiring vistas, late night philosophical discussions, and early morning walks. I try and capture the essence of a place with my camera, and the taste of the food when I get back to the kitchen… sometimes accompanied by some of the local wine!