Utilities x.0: energy companies prepare for a reboot

Utilities x.0: energy companies prepare for a reboot, by Emmanuel Autier / Partner Utilities, BearingPoint

Against a background of climate change and resource shortage, utilities companies recognise that new technology, market liberalisation and continued shifts in the regulatory environment are reshaping the landscape and creating opportunities for new business models. But just how ready are the current, incumbent utility companies to deal with the changes? Challenges of consolidation, fragmentation and innovation mean that not every organisation can win. What are today’s utilities doing to prepare themselves?

Based on a new research study conducted with IDC Energy Insights, the inaugural BearingPoint Smart Utilities Index offers a snapshot of Europe’s utilities firms and their readiness according to the presence of big data business models, virtual and flexible systems, micro- and nano-grid management, a horizontal and open organisation, and customer engagement and confidence.

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