Free and Open Source Software Management

The use of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) has exploded in the last 5 years. In order to stay competitive many organizations have not only built their products with it but also used it to save IT budget and shorten delivery timescales.

FOSS has been adopted widely because it lowers costs, can represent best in class software and reduces time to market. However it is not without risk.

We offer a full-scale FOSS Management service portfolio that covers all aspects of deploying FOSS across the product lifecycle. We’re helping our clients to develop an open source policy and providing the tools and controls for managing compliance. The benefits include:

Innovation is an inherent part of our FOSS offering making it highly relevant for companies seeking to increase or better harness innovation within their organizations.

How BearingPoint brings value

Organizations are looking to replicate the software development and collaboration paradigms created by FOSS communities within their organizations. This model of “inner sourcing” fosters code reuse and results in higher quality software. We’re working with clients to bring their software development organization to the next level of productivity by defining suitable Inner Sourcing strategies and helping them to manage the cultural change successfully.

We conduct FOSS code audits and capabilities assessments for organizations to develop their FOSS vision and strategy helping them to strengthen their software development planning and optimization. We have developed the BearingPoint FOSS Maturity Model to rate an organization’s maturity of managing Open Source across the following dimensions:

  1. Open Source Strategy and Policy
  2. Open Source Governance
  3. Third Party Open Source Supplier Management
  4. Cross Departmental Open Source Coordination
  5. Inhouse deployment of Open Source community software development practices (Inner Sourcing)


IT investments and head count are often limiting factors when it comes to implementing effective FOSS Management infrastructures. Our tailored hosting and FOSS business process outsourcing services help organizations to overcome these barriers and make the most out of Free and Open Source Software.