Punctuality Measurement for Production

Both - passengers and public authorities - have increasing requests and demands on the quality and regularity of the rail transportation. Passengers expect a good quality of service. Public authorities also need to better follow and financially reward the production contracts and commitments.

Punctuality is also a concern for train operators who need to produce a zero default service in order to beat the competition (road, air transportation). Therefore, they need reliable measurement tools in order to monitor their activity and to negotiate with public authorities.

How BearingPoint brings value

BearingPoint has developed a specific methodology and tools enabling to follow-up and measure the actual rail production, together with passenger flows. The measurement includes:

For example: BearingPoint has developed several tools to follow-up regularity, punctuality, service quality, etc. for the regional and local trains in the Paris region, which is a saturated zone. On top of this, we have proposed ways to optimize process and improve passengers information.