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Digital Marketing, Sales & Customer Services
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A ‘digital customer’ revolution is here, thanks to smartphones, social networks and localisation services. 
This allows for new customer relationship models, representing an opportunity for new entrants and challenges for established companies.

The channel mix and resources that companies currently use to contact customers have been deeply affected, and organisations will need new skills and competencies, such as media or community management, to stay competitive.

New tools will be needed to follow customers across channels and social networks and to build a consistent customer experience. The million-dollar question is – can investment in these new marketing tools and channels increase sales and reduce service costs at the same time?

Our expertise

BearingPoint has been named a ‘visionary’ firm for the third year in a row for the strength of our vision in customer management.

We work with you to design a customer relationship strategy, setting concrete targets for the role and volume of each channel by using our unique approach. This is based on three customer dimensions - transaction, relationship and experience.

We also help you to achieve faster and more effective transformations in your marketing, sales and service operations, thanks to the strength in depth of our European customer management consultancy as well as our experience in successful project management.

We currently focus on:

Customer & Channel Transformation

Customer expectations of their interaction and relationship with companies are changing as new channels and contact methods emerge through digital technologies. Customers are taking control of the relationship and they decide where and when they interact with a particular brand.

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Customer Insight Management

With each new customer contact (whether for sales, after-sales service, queries, etc), companies can enrich their customer insights. Today, companies are suffering from data overload, high data collection and maintenance costs and struggle to consolidate the insights and reuse them effectively.

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Marketing Transformation

Marketing functions face significant budgetary and competitive pressures which are forcing them to optimise the cost and effectiveness of their actions. To solve this equation, three areas are open to them: improving targeting, simplifying offers and increasing commercial opportunities.

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Sales Transformation

Sales remains at the heart of the customer relationship. With increasingly competitive, global and commoditised markets, companies are continually looking for levers to enhance business efficiency.

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Service Transformation

"Best service is no service" is the Holy Grail of problem prevention. However, long regarded as a cost center, companies can create value from inbound customer contact in their Contact Centers by bouncing back on these ‘moment of truth’.

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ActiveManager™: Performance Improvement

ActiveManager™ is a development technique that creates a step change in line manager performance. It enables a significant improvement in productivity and service standards by focusing directly on people management.

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Media Optimisation

MediaMX 3.0 predictive analytics optimises your media spend. Identify your sales attribution leakage across media channels and understand your customers media touch-points.

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BearingPoint’s Offering for Oracle WebCenter Sites and Portal

We help clients to get the most from multi-channel customer management with the right digital strategy combined with Oracle’s best of breed WebCenter Suite.

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