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Governments have made major administrative changes in the last 10 years. The development of online public services, back office optimisation under ‘e-government’, reduction of red tape, introduction of value for money budgeting control and the creation of independent regulators and sustainable development concerns have all had major impacts. These changes will continue, and there are a number of challenges still ahead as governments explore new policies to provide more efficient and higher quality services.

Our expertise

To handle such change, governments need expert help. More than three hundred of our consultants are specifically dedicated to government and public service activities. We have developed tailored offers to help European, national and local administrative bodies carry out their transformation and modernisation processes. Our government team is also supported at European level by an knowledge management system covering all our solutions - business strategy and transformation, change management, client relation management, financial services, supply chain, human resources and information technology consulting.

Harnessing the business opportunities of postcodes in Ireland

Irish postcodes will be implemented by Q2 2015. BearingPoint is helping businesses to plan and prepare, so that they can leverage benefits in data analytics, supply chain, service enhancement, fraud prevention and marketing.

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Becoming a key partner for government modernisation

We have set up several research centres to help our clients anticipate public expectations and gain insight into their civil servants’ perceptions. One is dedicated to CRM in public services and e-government, another on public tendering (both France-based) and a third focuses on public management.

Here’s how your function relates to what we offer.

We make sure we understand your business problems, the trends in your industry and then work out what we need to do to achieve results for you. Our consultants know where you are coming from, because they’ve usually been in your industry. We combine our deep knowledge and experience in your sector with the technical ability to create solutions with real business value. We’re always looking to find ways to improve your productivity, streamline your processes, and leverage new revenue opportunities for you.

Finally, we get results - virtually all of our most significant clients renew their relationship with us year on year.



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