Insurance Operating Model Optimization

Post financial crisis analysis underlines that companies with a flexible business model have been significantly more successful than firms tied to a rigid environment.


How BearingPoint brings value

Key to success in Operating Model optimization initiatives is to align business and IT strategy right from the start. Our approach is based on 4 dimensions – structure, people, process and technology.

An operating model is a high-level diagram (and description) that illustrate how an organization has chosen to organize its operations to deliver products/services of value to its customers.
The model depicts the relationships between processes, people, structure and technology either today (‘as-is’ state) or in the future (‘to-be’ state).

Global system and process consolidation and harmonization will improve speed to market, reduce costs and improve ability for effective and efficient information management.

To increase organizational agility required in transforming markets, increased centralization of corporate and core insurance functions should be considered as well as available sourcing options.


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