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Enterprise Applications
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Complex markets require a new approach to sustainable enterprise application (EA) solutions. These solutions need to become more flexible to provide agile support for a company’s successful operation, particularly in uncertain times.

To use large enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications sustainably, you need a closer alignment with your defined business strategies, an agile ERP landscape design including manageable and easy implementation, and the right organisation and transparency around your ERP operations.

Our expertise

We focus on the two leading standard software providers for our enterprise applications: SAP and ORACLE.

In our Advisory-for-ERP approach we aim to transform your EA landscape and its IT organisation and processes into a business-oriented market differentiator, specifically designed to continuously strengthen your success.

We offer a unique and outstanding set of services to support our clients in the design, implementation or operation of a business-driven EA landscape based on SAP or ORACLE.

All of our solutions are developed with the individual requirements of our clients in mind, and we offer Europe-based project management with global delivery capabilities.

We currently focus on:

Advanced ERP technology solutions

The more complex the system landscape gets, the higher the risk of changes to IT systems. Optimizing your ERP systems should be a core part of what you do.

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Advisory for Microsoft

Through our advisory for Microsoft service, we aim to help clients optimally align their business strategy and requirements and the Microsoft strategy.

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Benefit boost for Big Data Businesses – SAP HANA

We can help you use the power of in-memory technology to accelerate your business processes and be ready for the future.

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Business driven ERP governance and operation organization

We analyze ERP governance and organization - comparing them with business and IT requirements, and determining and implementing the optimal bundle of governance rules.

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ERP architecture optimization and harmonization

We can help you optimize and harmonize your ERP architecture. We can for example tackle one of the main drivers for engaging in global rollout initiatives - to reduce or limit implementation and operation costs.

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ERP strategy definition and business alignment

To align your ERP strategy, it is important to align your business requirements, formulate your vision and mission, and determine the optimal ERP application landscape as well as set down core activities.

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Implementation of global ERP systems

We help clients with the global implementation of packaged solutions, including industrialized template/rollout approaches, program management, creating blueprints, implementation, and project or program audits.

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IT Advisory Services for SAP

Our customers benefit from our wide range of consulting services covering strategic SAP and IT aspects: IT / SAP strategy, IT / SAP application, Innovation and Architectures, SAP Operating Models, Governance Processes and Structures.

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Transformation of custom made applications

The support and maintenance of ageing legacy applications becomes increasingly challenging. Smaller adaptations generate high costs and often require more time so that aged applications often hinder new products rather than support them. The reasons for that vary, however the solutions are often relatively simple.

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SAP Services

BearingPoint has maintained a very successful relationship with SAP® for 30 years. We set ourselves apart through our far-reaching, practical project expertise in evaluating, implementing and further developing products from the entire SAP solutions portfolio. With hundreds of successful projects, we know what it takes to make an SAP project a success.

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