Restructuring of air traffic control organisation

Over 15mn IFR flight movements are expected by 2030 which have a tremendous impact on air traffic control organisations. The Single European Sky initiative on technology, regulation and safety aims at enhancing the capacity of the European air space, while reducing costs and improving interoperability and safety. Thus air traffic control organisations need to be prepared through their organisational structure and processes to respond to upcoming deregulation initiatives. Privatisation and shifts towards a cost orientated structure are current business drivers.


How BearingPoint brings value

For several years BearingPoint has been active on air traffic control topics. Thus we are able to transmit these challenges to local air traffic control organisations.
Our teams investigate tasks, organisation and the cost structure of all supporting units (finance& controlling, human resources, logistics, facility management, IT, communication, etc) along with business units and management interfacing. Additionally we are firm to align organisations to the newly requirements which arise by the European Commission SESAR program.

To the end we are able to redesign overall organisation models and help implement these together with our clients.


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