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European Trends in Defense

Defense budgets are being cut as governments rein in spending. As a consequence, the role of armed forces in Europe is changing - with less emphasis on large-scale expeditionary operations and greater focus on smaller contingencies and capacity building. This shift in emphasis of mission is reflected in a major restructuring across all elements of military capability while investment in new battle winning capabilities such as iSTAR continues. As well as structural changes to uniformed organizations and an increased emphasis on reserves, defense is looking urgently to remove the high frictional costs within its operational and corporate support processes, including property, finance, HR, support chain, commercial models and defense acquisition. Finally, there is renewed impetus on homeland security and resilience capabilities with particular emphasis on cyber and intelligence.

The aerospace and defense industry is having to adapt to meet the challenges within this new environment and an increasingly globalized defense and security market. In a shrinking market, international collaboration and global defense platforms are key. The industry faces a constantly changing regulatory environment, ever-developing technologies and new approaches to contracting, including an increased desire for it to take on and manage greater risk. At the same time, defense customers expect ever quicker responses to evolving threats through accelerated procurements to satisfy urgent operational requirements.

Our expertise

Our responsiveness and flexibility keeps our business and technology services in high demand. We have many consultants with over ten years of defense experience both in and out of uniform. In addition, we draw on extensive experience in other parallel sectors to maintain innovation and focus on best practice. Our key area of focus is transformation, including performance management, information management, IT Strategy (C4ISR), defense logistics and supply chain and operational processes. We aim to enable improved decision-making and increased operational effectiveness while delivering gains in economy and performance.

We currently focus on:

Defense Enterprise Management Systems

Applying new structures and management systems to improve the normal time efficiency of the defense organization and thus improving crisis time effectiveness.

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Logistics for operational requests

BearingPoint Logistics Strategy & Optimization helps the defense industry redefine its logistics networks in order to increase flexibility and/or agility.

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We have a strong teaming ethos, working in joint teams with clients to achieve better results. We bring deep understanding of the business environment and external trends to help our clients design and deliver the required results. Our consultants combine a deep knowledge and experience of the defense sector with technical know-how and an ability to draw from our extensive knowledge pool to create solutions with real business value. We offer a real commitment to our clients to deliver excellence together.

Finally, we get results - virtually all of our most significant clients renew their relationship with us year on year.


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