Intercompany Reconciliation – Optimise your closing process

One of the main components of the closing process in a Corporate Group environment is intercompany reconciliation (ICR). However, ICR often poses various problems (see Lack of time for intercompany (IC) corrections, Different configurations, Dispute Management, Data storage). BearingPoint provides a tailored solution within an ERP environment based on standard SAP functionality – the intercompany reconciliation tool. 

Facts & Figures:

  • Today the reconciliation of IC receivables and payables is one of the most time consuming activities within the closing process.
  • BearingPoint supports you to set the stage for a change in IC reconciliation with the implementation of standard ICR processes in an SAP ERP environment.
  • By applying these standard processes the necessary time frame to reconcile IC data will be significantly reduced due to the adoption of the same attributes in all involved entities.
  • Furthermore the accounting organisation will be optimised by common reconciliation processes.