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BearingPoint Institute Report - Issue 8

BearingPoint Institute Report - Issue 7

Business decision-making has always been difficult. However, today, the business landscape for decision-making has changed as never before. The seventh BearingPoint Institute report investigates these changes, showing how five concurrent digital shifts are fundamentally transforming the nature of strategic decision-making. As our research shows, whilst organizations want to adapt, they are often hampered by complex structures and legacy processes, and a mindset firmly rooted in the past. In these series of papers, we provide clear recommendations for companies to better equip themselves to make the transition and succeed in the digital age.

BearingPoint Institute Report - Issue 6

Financial services businesses in Europe have not left the spotlight since the crisis in 2008. The sixth BearingPoint Institute, a Financial Services special, focuses on strategies for the industry to succeed in this changing world. These include how to achieve risk-adjusted returns to manage a “black swan” event, how insurance companies can become customer-centric, hyper-agile businesses learning from digital trailblazers in other more forward-looking industries and how supervisory authorities can only create a sound financial system by embracing technology to create an input approach that allows regulators to compare data in real-time.

Papers in this issue:

BearingPoint Institute Report - Issue 5

Today, no company operates in isolation. The increasing prevalence of strategic partnerships and joint ventures between organizations is making it increasingly difficult to identify where the boundaries of one company end and those of the next begin. But does this matter in a world where all that counts is whatever it takes to accelerate speed to market and the pace of innovation? The fifth BearingPoint Institute report focuses on strategies for leveraging the opportunities of accelerated change in areas including the achievement of hyper-agility in retailing, driving operational improvement at line-manager level and the eight key public-sector reforms required to prevent challenges from escalating into crises.

Papers in this issue:

BearingPoint Institute Report - Issue 4

No man is an island and the same rings true for business. The fourth BearingPoint Institute report recognises that businesses can thrive or die on the strength of their ecosystems. The past few years has seen the devastating effects of contagion, proving just how interconnected the world has become. Whether it’s partnering with competitors or supporting strategic suppliers on the brink of failure, businesses must find a way to draw strength from their ecosystem, rather than be harmed.

Papers in this issue:

BearingPoint Institute Report - Issue 3

Innovation is a strong theme in this third edition of the BearingPoint Institute Report. As the economic turmoil starts to ease, opportunities are emerging for businesses and organisations to take the lead by embracing change and adapting before the competition. In some sectors change is mandated by regulators; in others evolving consumer behaviours are forcing a rethink. Common to most opportunities is the need to drive innovation, evolve business models and engage more closely with customers and clients.

Papers in this issue:

BearingPoint Institute Report - Issue 2

In these challenging economic times, a couple of certainties hold: that all relationships are based on trust – including in business and that the pace of change is not abating – quite the opposite in fact. We believe that the way businesses and administrations respond to those imperatives will further extend the gap between the best and worst performers.

This report explores the dynamics of trust and transformation across varied domains, with five papers each the result of a collaboration between academics, consultants working for real customers “in the field” and our global network partners; ABeam and West Monroe Partners.

Papers in this issue:

BearingPoint Institute Report - Issue 1

The BearingPoint Institute Report aims to provide an incisive, authoritative opinion on selected business-critical topics. It also acts as both a reference point and stimulus for debate among its readership.


In today’s fast-paced business environment timing is key. To reflect this, the bi-annual BearingPoint Institute Report is supplemented by research and analysis all year round.

Our Insights publications contain the same quality authoritative opinions on the latest trends and strategies as the Report in easy-to-access documents that you can download from the website.




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