Lean Manufacturing / Lean-ERP

Automotive companies are currently facing an exceptionally challenging business environment. A dramatic slump in demand is causing significant pressure on revenues, while the high price levels of raw materials put a financial strain on procurement. Facing these challenges, automotive manufacturers are more than ever forced to improve internal factors within their span of control.

To help, we have developed an integrated solution - Lean-ERP, to improve the operational performance of manufacturing companies. This solution combines people-oriented lean manufacturing with technology-oriented enterprise resource planning.

Lean-ERP can help in two different areas: existing process and IT-landscapes and new process and IT-landscapes. In order to help companies to verify their individual improvement potential, we suggest applying our quick-scan methodology. This enables us to determine the lean maturity level of a manufacturing site in a very short period of time. Based on this understanding, we can derive improvement potentials and real bottom line results.

How BearingPoint brings value

Lean Maturity Level

Our lean maturity level helps clients determine the current state of their organizational unit in the lean journey. The results can be used to derive business improvement potentials and bottom line results.


Our Lean-ERP solution integrates the virtues of lean manufacturing and enterprise resource planning into one single initiative. As a result, we can help clients capitalise on the synergies of both approaches to deliver business improvements promising measurable bottom line results.