Credit & Loans

As banks return to their original core business, there is enormous market pressure to minimize costs and increase profits. This in turn increases the importance of optimizing and automating operational and organizational structures.

At the same time, the control, monitoring and reporting of all engagements must be managed effectively and transparently, in order to meet enhanced regulatory requirements regarding minimized credit risks.

Furthermore, enormous improvements in the quality of advice in credit services are necessary to take into consideration competitiveness as well as increasing regulatory requirements for loans business.

How BearingPoint brings value

Our Financial Services Credit Solutions enable you to set up an efficient and cost-oriented, operational and organizational structure for your credit business. This structure is supported by IT focused on enabling you to implement your business strategy.

We work with you to identify costs and profit drivers, minimize the former and maximize the latter, so that the benefits from synergies within the credit granting process and the following operational procedures can be quickly realized.

We can help you: