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As financial markets stabilize, investor confidence in specific securitization transactions is recovering. Beyond the crisis, asset-backed refinancing is an appropriate instrument to raise liquidity and to partially reduce risk on the balance sheet for industrial and service companies, as well as banks and financial service providers.

However, investors’ need for greater certainty and changes deriving from adjustments of the regulatory framework has affected the quality and transparency requirements for the underlying assets (e.g. leasing, trade receivables). Compliance with these increased requirements has become a key success factor for the asset-backed refinancing market.

While the securitization market slowly regains investor confidence, the Pfandbrief has proved an attractive and secure premium product in the bank bonds market. Above all, it is a reliable and cost-effective long-term refinancing instrument. Many credit institutions in Germany that own Pfandbrief cover assets (e.g. mortgage loans) have started strategic initiatives for the issuance of a Pfandbrief.

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