FO to BO Processes and Systems Review

In an increasingly competitive market it is essential for corporate and investment banks to reduce costs and have efficient processes and systems.

So the challenges are:

How BearingPoint brings value

We study the maturity of your processes and systems before recommending what kind of methodology is most suitable for the project – from standardization to streamlining (lean six-sigma), automation, straight-through processing, offshoring or outsourcing.

Drawing on our wide overview of the industry’s front to back processes and systems, we select the best practices to build on existing strengths and meet targets across the whole chain: pre-trade, booking/trade support, valuation, PnL, confirmations, settlements, clearing, collateral and accounting.

We can help you adapt and transform your processes and systems to make them more efficient without compromising the quality and security of your activities.

You can trust us to review your processes and systems. We oversee a range of activities, including the automation of flow products, front office to back office exotic products management reviews, pay per deal studies, outsourcing and offshoring, IT blue prints and roadmaps and new systems selection and integration.