Defense Enterprise Management Systems

Traditionally, national defense organizations have been large. However in recent years, the size of the armed forces has been reduced in most western countries. At the same time, the demand for effectiveness and maneuverability has increased. Modern ICT typically acts as a key enabler of increased mission effectiveness and maneuverability, yet this in turn can make defense material increasingly expensive. To cope with the increasing cost pressure, defense structures and management systems need to be as efficient as possible.

In some cases, the division of work and cooperation between the Ministry of Defense and the defense forces creates challenges. This creates the requirement to focus on the governance of the whole sector.

How BearingPoint brings value

We are the trusted advisor of several defense organizations – helping them build new structures and management systems to run modern operations.

Our clients value our understanding of the industry-specific needs of defense organizations to manage risk and maintain capacity to handle tasks in a crisis.

At the same time, we bring and adapt our experience of how to improve efficiency in other industries. These improvement measures include setting up KPIs to ensure the success of the organizational change and sustainable results.

A good example of changing structures to improve efficiency is to concentrate support activities on shared service centers (SSCs). In addition, improving efficiency in normal times also improves effectiveness in times of crisis.

One of the core ways we help improve governance is by involving all the relevant parties and committing them to the change.