After-sales service professionalization

To increase your competitive capabilities in machinery and plant engineering, you need innovative business models that enable you to position yourself as a full service provider in after sales. We can help you do this, whether you are an internal service department or an independent service provider.

Increasing numbers of smaller competitors are entering the market for after sales services in machinery and plant construction. These companies are usually smaller than the established players and have the advantage of being located close to their clients. Further, new full service providers are entering the market and are offering comparable services. To lead in this profitable business area, you need to face up to the new competitors and associated challenges. We can help you significantly increase your competitive capabilities.

How BearingPoint brings value 

We can help you represent your full capabilities in market-focused service offerings and implement efficient product management. Offering a transparent service and competitive costs, we will work quickly with you.

Our product-focused processing of services ensures we deliver on time to high quality. We support your company by optimizing processes and managing quality to implement effective processes and define clear responsibilities for your service processes.

We will design with you an optimized control for your organization based on your portfolio of products, your processes and your technology. This enables us to align your clients and the demands of the market with your internal processes to ensure competitive advantages.

These competitive advantages can be achieved by a smart pricing strategy. The foundation for a competitive price is an optimized and transparent product costing system which identifies potentials in pricing and a clear margin contribution per product. We can help you achieve this competitive pricing by redesigning your product costing and validating your value chains.