B2B - Quotation Management

Efficient B2B Proposal Management is an essential part of Customer Management (CM). This benefits everyone involved in business processes, including sales, marketing, customer service and information management.

The largest current challenge during the offer process comes from the complexity of missing resources and missing standardization potentials. However, with the right specialist knowledge and automation and standardization, an offer can be provided quickly and flexibly while simultaneously reducing errors.

Importantly, the view of the offer costs should include the process costs of the offer generation and the high costs of lost offers with complex products. Selective offer generation with an early evaluation of the chances of success to aid decision-making for the delivery of an offer can help you reduce costs.

How BearingPoint brings value  

We can help you increase the success ratio of your offers with a custom-made offer process which simultaneously optimizes costs. Managing offers in not simply about technically processing offers. With our help, you can make the most of systematically managing offers to minimize expenditure and maximize profit. Exhaustively taking into account all the possibilities of the offer process and reducing complexity has a direct positive impact on time, expenses and risk - leading to a higher success rate for your offers.

We can help you: