Lean Management for Engineering and Services

Commercial and industrial companies currently face an exceptionally challenging business environment. On the one hand the global economic crisis of recent years has led to a dramatic slump in demand, putting significant pressure on revenues. On the other hand, high price levels for raw materials are causing a financial strain for procurement. Internal operational costs also remain challenged.

To respond to these challenges, you need more than ever to improve internal factors within your control. One of the most important is to improve core manufacturing operations - increasing efficiency and taking costs out of production and the logistics business processes.

In engineering, products must be developed faster, more often, to respond to customer demands while maintaining design quality. Innovation must be sustained permanently.

In services and support functions, productivity is a stake - wasting time processing files and longer delays cannot be admitted anymore. First time quality documents must delivered, mostly as a result of real, organized teamwork. Every information flow can be improved, the quality of work and the relevance of the operations strengthened, and delivery times reduced.

We offer a broad range of solutions to help you improve operational performance. Drawing on our accumulated experience and knowledge, we develop and support Lean programs in Manufacturing, Product Development and Engineering, Support functions and Services, and ERP implementation in line with continuous improvement in Manufacturing. We also train people in Lean Management.

How BearingPoint brings value

Lean maturity level

Our lean maturity level indicates the current state of an organizational unit in the lean journey. The results can be used to derive business improvement potentials and bottom line results.


Our Lean-ERP solution integrates the virtues of Lean Manufacturing and Enterprise Resource Planning into one single initiative. As a result, you can leverage synergies of both manufacturing improvement concepts to create business improvements that promise measurable bottom line results.


We clearly define roles and responsibilities centered on the point where value is added. Across production, manufacturing, engineering, quality, sourcing, logistics – we work as one team with shared objectives. The lean principles and approach apply to all functions.

Pragmatic definition of standards by the teams

Standards are defined either by experts and then tested on pilot zones before being fully deployed, or by operational teams, based on their identified best practices. The standards are used to build roadmaps and the audit tool for large organizations.

Working at gemba (shop floor) level

We encourage the strong involvement of all quality staff and organization. Good work from field teams and site management prepares and ensures deployment.

Virtual Obeya: Sharing sites positive experiences and difficulties

We initialize regular meetings to share experience and difficulties about deployment, model and change request process and to update and control the core model document evolutions.