New Sourcing Strategy and Operation Model

Increasing competition and cost pressure are forcing postal and CEP (Courier, Express & Parcel) companies to consider how to reorganize operational processes and services. Key drivers of this process are cost reduction, refocusing on core business and competencies, increasing quality and addressing a lack of qualified resources.

A key challenge for defining a transport sourcing strategy is to find innovative sourcing models which can handle price volatility in the transport market. Staff turnover in the pick-up and delivery business tends to be very high; postal & CEP operators need reliable partners and effective strategies in order to deal with quality and emerging security-related issues.

An effective sourcing strategy must als consider the support functions like Finance, Human Resources and IT. Main trends like shared services and new technologies like collaboration and cloud services have to be reflected. Main activities are to evaluate the key processes, determining the optimal functional split of these services, the benefits of different sourcing models, the business case calculation and the change management to find the appropriate way for the transformation.

New sourcing and operating models are one important answer to the challenge of improving cost structure and should be reflected in postal & CEP organizations’ overall strategy for the future alignment of the organization.

How BearingPoint brings value

BearingPoint has comprehensive experience of advising postal & CEP organizations on sourcing strategies and designing operating models, as well as implementation and transition projects. Our Center of Excellence helps companies to find the right answers for their future organization. From our extensive project experience, we have a considerable number of good practice examples: Defining vision, strategy and objectives and convincing stakeholders.