Restructuring of Postal / CEP Networks and Transport Management

Global trends and regulations will change the postal market. Within the letter business, market liberalization and digitalization will modify product portfolios and lead to decreasing volumes. Within the parcel businesses, the e-Commerce boom lead to strong growth of the parcels quantity. A key challenge will be how to handle the varying volumes especially within the metropolitian areas and the cross country transport. These fundamental changes require the reorganization of current transport networks, hub structure and the transport management function within postal and courier, express and parcel (CEP) operators.

How BearingPoint brings value

BearingPoint has extensive experience advising on network and transport management optimization for more than 15 years by helping postal/CEP companies to find the right solutions for their key challenges.

Defining future business scenarios for the best transport and hub network reflecting long term forecasts. Our approach considers the relevant key calculation parameters like volumes, delivery time, costs, CO2-reduction and evaluation by using simulation tools.

Definition and evaluation of scenarios to optimize the transport costs for pickup, delivery and line hauls for different transport networks. Our models help to identifying potential synergies between pickup and delivery, and facilitate calculation of the most cost efficient transport tours. To ensure cost and quality, we know how to establish the nescessay processes and board with the required key performance indicators.

More and more, public is focused on green or sustainable topics. Even clients of transport and logistics providers demand sustainable transport solutions. BearingPoint helps to define a Green Supply Chain Management strategy and analyzes carbon reduction potentials.

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