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Air Transport
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The deregulation of air transport has led to new business models and the development of new relations. At the same time, national air traffic control, taxes, night flight restrictions and emissions trading create challenges for global competition in air transport and increase the pressure on more efficient operations in passenger and cargo traffic and at airports.

To succeed, lean, process-oriented structures in organizations are key. The potential is to optimize not only in the frontline operational areas but also in supporting and administrative functional areas.

Complex multinational business-to-business relationships in aviation and the constantly high demands on security and performance are driving the modernization of IT architectures and systems. Mobility and flexibility are paramount.

Safety is still an absolute pre-requisite for everyone involved in air transport. Fail-safe IT and aviation guidance systems are essential. Even with constant air traffic growth, the number of accidents has not risen significantly. As society becomes increasingly sensitive to risk, both safety considerations and ecological considerations loom even larger.

Our expertise

We advise the air transport industry on business models, technological processes and related IT systems. Our international air transport team has extensive experience with airlines, aircraft maintenance companies, airports and air traffic control organizations. We publish market studies for the travel and aviation industry and work alongside IATA on industry-specific solutions, with an emphasis on sustainable low-cost models. We’ve helped leading industry players to define their future air traffic management business models, and our long-term vision has influenced many of our clients’ restructuring efforts.

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We make sure we know our clients' business problems, the trends in their industry and the processes required to achieve results.

We aim to have the most experienced consultants in every industry we deal with.

We combine our deep sector expertise with technological expertise to create solutions that produce real, tangible and innovative business value.

Our team consistently finds ways to improve clients’ productivity, streamline processes, and leverage new revenue opportunities.

Virtually all of our most significant clients renew their relationship with us each year.



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