Control - Regulatory and Risk Management

Following the recent banking crisis, both regulators and investment banks are looking for a better risk management by improving transparency and comprehensive reporting, reducing systemic risks, and standardizing processes and products.

This involves answering two key questions:

How BearingPoint brings value

We have the expertise to help you comply with new regulations and to implement more efficient risk management systems. To this end, we will apply our methodology to analyzing the underlying risks to your organization.

Our consultants are regularly trained on regulatory topics, including Basel, FED Targets, MiFID and the Third European Directive (anti-money laundering). We can help you coordinate your relationships with regulators and providers (ISDA, clearing houses, DTCC/Markit) through working groups.

We have a global take on the different components of risk, such as those posed by the markets, operations, credit and rogue trading. Our approach goes from thoroughly identifying weaknesses within corporate and investment bank processes to implementing permanent supervision systems and change management, and promoting a new culture that makes each member of your organization accountable.

You can trust us when it comes to regulation and risk management, including the management of Basel transformation program, the implementation of MiFID within CIB, compliance with the Third European Directive, and the permanent supervision implementation and definition of risk policies.