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Read what the analysts are saying about BearingPoint

  • PAC - RADAR: SAP Consulting & System Integration (C&SI) in Germany 2015 – Link to the report (PDF, 1.1MB)
    BearingPoint has been rated as a “leading provider” by PAC in this landmark report. (August 2015)

  • Gartner Market Guide for Solvency II Solutions - Link to the report on (subscription required)
    In this Gartner market guide analyst Juergen Weiss analyses the market for Solvency II solution providers and identifies five types of providers. BearingPoint is evaluated in this report. (July 2015, ID: G00273107)

  • TBR - BearingPoint satisfies client requirements by coupling tools with consulting - Link to the report (registration required)
    In this special report, TBR analyst Elitsa Bakalova (@TBR_Bakalova) gives an overview of BearingPoint and its consulting business.

  • IDC – Flash: Beyond the €1 Billion Target for 2020, BearingPoint is Aiming for Digital Transformation Leadership – Link to the report (PDF, 120KB)
    In this IDC Flash analyst Lionel Lamy (@LionelLamy) provides his impressions of the BearingPoint analyst event held in Berlin in April 2015 and states that “We believe BearingPoint has been doing well in the market, and last year's revenue blip is just that: a pause in its revenue growth trajectory. Clearly, the company is paying close attention to market developments to gain competitive advantage.” (May 2015, Doc #Q59X)

  • PAC - RADAR: Consulting & System: Integration (C&SI) Services to the Automotive Industry in Germany 2014 – Link to the report (PDF, 1.3MB)
    BearingPoint has been rated as a “leading provider” by PAC in this landmark report (March 2015).

  • IDC - MarketScape: Worldwide Digital Enterprise Strategy Consulting Services 2015 Vendor Assessment – Link to the report (PDF, 345KB)
    In this report, Cushing Anderson and Mette Ahorlu analyse the market for digital strategy consulting ; BearingPoint was evaluated as a “Major Player.” (March 2015, Doc #254679)

  • PAC study - Connected Car in Europe: Strategies and technologies for connected driving – Link to the report (PDF, 6.9MB)
    In this report, PAC analysts details the results of a multi-client survey looking at strategies of the automotive industry to develop and launch connected car technologies and services (February 2015).

  • IDC buyer case study - Connected Cars: How Jaguar Land Rover works with BearingPoint to benefit drivers – Link to the report (PDF, 322KB)
    In this detailed report, IDC analyst Lionel Lamy draws findings on programme management and the internet of things (IoT) from an interview with the Jaguar Land Rover Global Connected Car Director (December 2014, #OT53W).

  • Gartner - 2014 Magic Quadrant for Business Operations Consulting Services, Worldwide - Link to the report on (subscription required)
    Gartner analysts Michael Dominy and Dana Stiffler have published this landmark report in which BearingPoint was rated by Gartner a "challenger" together with its network partners ABeam and West Monroe Partners. (December 2014, ID: G00263297)

  • Gartner - 2014 Magic Quadrant for CRM Service Providers, Worldwide - Link to the report on (subscription required)
    In this landmark research note, Patrick Sullivan and Ed Thompson have evaluated BearingPoint as a "visionary" with its network partners ABeam Consulting, Grupo Assa and West Monroe Partners. (November 2014, ID: G00261873)

  • IDC - Buoyant BearingPoint Sets Eyes on €1 Billion Mark (PDF, 122 KB)
    In this report, IDC VP Marianne Kolding, assesses BearingPoint progress and concludes that "We think BearingPoint has made good progress in the past year both financially but also in crystallizing some of its strategies. It seems that it is now a company very much in execution mode — and if it can do that well, its ambitious growth plans could be achieved." (May 2014, Doc # Q58W)

  • PAC - How to transform from a business consultant to a software vendor (blog post, 8/4/14)
    In this post, Julia Reichhart comments on BearingPoint's recent developments in the software area. This document has not been reviewed for factual accuracy and may not reflect BearingPoint's position.

  • Analysys Mason - eircom’s novel BSS transformation: from separate service silos to integrated bundles and digital economy services - Link to the report (PDF, 450 KB)
    In this case study, John Abraham and Dr. Mark H Mortensen describe the BSS transformation of eircom, using Infonova R6 and implemented by BearingPoint (February 2014, 37293-74).

  • Gartner - Market Guide: External Service Providers for Master Data Management - Link to the report on (subscription required)
    In this market overview, industry analysts Bill O'Kane, Andrew White and Saul Judah provide a list of MDM ESP -including BearingPoint (doc G00233350).

  • Forrester - SAP Services Market Overview - Link to Forrester (subscription required)
    In this landmark report, Liz Herbert (@lizherbert) analyses the SAP consulting marketplace and rates several providers including BearingPoint (December 2013).

  • Gartner - Competitive Landscape: Sustainability Consulting Services Elevate Corporate Excellence, Western Europe - Link to (subscription required)
    In this detailed market overview, Bettina Tratz-Ryan (@btratzryan) reviews the state of the sustainability consulting market and profiles key providers including BearingPoint (November 2013, ID: G00247576)

  • Gartner - Crédit Agricole Pursues Digitalisation With Open Banking - Link to (subscription required)
    In this case study, Kristin Moyer details how the Crédit Agricole Store delivered open banking through co-creation with users using open APIs, apps, an app store and a third-party developer community. (October 2013, ID: G00255706)

  • Gartner - Leverage Digital Transformation Consultants to Adapt to the Digital Age - Link to report on (subscription required)
    In this landscape report, analysts Richard Fouts and Daniel Krauss say “We see BearingPoint as a strong partner for digital transformation initiatives in the consumer packaged goods and financial services sectors. BearingPoint brings a good blend of capabilities required to support clients to identify and execute digital initiatives. Its process, technology and change management expertise stands out.“ (August 2013, ID: G00250148)

  • IDC - Best Practices: Crédit Agricole Innovates with Its New CA Store - Link to full report (PDF, 210 KB)
    In this detailed study, Alex Kwiatkowski explains that the "Crédit Agricole, in partnership with BearingPoint, has shown that it is still possible to create an entirely new approach in a highly competitive and undifferentiated market." He further mentions that "The new CA Store is an excellent example of innovation, and demonstrates how institutions must adapt to the fast-moving digital world in order to better engage with customers." (July 2013)

  • IDC - Thoughts From BearingPoint's 2013 Analyst Conference - Link to full report (PDF, 130 KB)
    In this report, Douglas Hayward (@DouglasHayward) analyses BearingPoint's capabilities and positioning in the marketplace. (June 2013).

  • IDC - MarketScape: IT Service Providers in the EMEA Utilities Market 2013 Vendor Assessment - Link to the IDC website (subscription required)
    In this comprehensive report, Roberta Bigliani (@rbigliani) and Gaia Gallotti (@gaiagallotti) evaluated BearingPoint as a "Contender", stating that "BearingPoint is seriously committed to providing services to utilities." They further commented that "BearingPoint' best score in the Current Capabilities criteria is for its "Range of Geographies". Within the Future Strategies criteria the company scored very well for its Innovation and R&D pace and productivity." (May 2013)

  • PAC - Business Consulting and Software Solutions – a Contradiction? - Link to the PAC blog
    In this blog post, Julia Reichhart shares her view that "Overall, BearingPoint has established itself in a very special position in the services value chain by embracing and mastering both systems integration (complemented by very focused software products) and strategy consulting." (April 2013)

  • Celent - Claims Fraud Detection Systems: 2012 IT Vendor Spectrum - Link to report extract (PDF, 660KB)
    In this report, Nicolas Michellod provides an overview of claims fraud detection issues for the insurance industry and profiles BearingPoint's HyperCube solution. (November 2012)

  • Gartner - Competitive Landscape: Business Consulting, Large and Midsize Providers, Worldwide - Link to the report on (subscription required
    In this report, Daniel Krauss (@daniel_krauss) and Sandra Notardonato analyse the business consulting market trends and profile key players, including BearingPoint. (October 2012) and Sandra Notardonato analyse the business consulting market trends and profile key players, including BearingPoint. (October 2012, ID: G00229806)

  • Celent - Solvency II IT Vendor Spectrum (2012 Edition) - Download (PDF, 286 KB)
    Nicolas Michellod from Celent authored this detailed market landscape report. See the above link for an extract including the introduction presenting market drivers and trends plus the BearingPoint ABACUS/Solvency II solution profile. (July 2012)

  • PAC - Survey finds insurers need to address Pillar 3 of Solvency II as deadline looms - Link to the PAC blog
    Rajeena Brar from PAC (@PAC_Consultants) states that "in PAC’s opinion, BearingPoint is well placed to grow its Solvency II business in its existing markets where brand presence is strong, and to leverage on international accounts to expand business in other countries", and in particular "like[s...] that the solution is designed to evolve with regulatory changes." (May 2012)

  • Ovum - BearingPoint builds on its Basel II platform to target Solvency II opportunities - Link to the Ovum website
    Charles Juniper from Ovum (@OvumICT) describes why BearingPoint's Solvency II offering is a "strong play" based on a "proven platform (May 2012).

  • IDC - BearingPoint and HyperCube®: Taking Analytics beyond Statistics with Asset-led Consulting - Download this report (PDF, 125KB)
    Industry analysts Alys Woodward (@alyswoodward) and Douglas Hayward (@DouglasHayward) give their views on BearingPoint's new analytics offering. Read on to understand why they say that "HyperCube® is a better fit for many end users than traditional statistical tools" (January 2012).



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