Logistics and Distribution (LOD)

    The range in performance, in sectors such as service levels, logistics cost and inventory, varies between retailers – even though the exact differences are difficult to pinpoint as not all supply chain-related KPIs are publically reported. We can be sure that retailers are facing fierce completion, more demanding customers and even more challenging supply chains as result of continuous globalisation. Not surprisingly, more and more companies are initiating programmes to bring down direct costs and increase product availability to customers.

    How BearingPoint brings value 

    BearingPoint helps businesses optimize the efficiency of their distribution fleets and Distribution Centres’ operations. This includes an analysis of distribution networks compared to goods flow, with adjustments in regards to the number of DCs and cross-docking points. Optimising DC operations is all about utilising fixed and variable assets in best possible way. All together the costs for logistics should not exceed approximately 4.5 % of sales, and service to stores should never be less than 90%.

    BearingPoint can also help organisations achieving cost reduction in logistics while avoiding a zero-sum game with service to consumers.


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