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    ‘Your products tomorrow are your challenge today’: Without continuous new product development and market launch with the right time to market, no innovative company will ever survive. This is why Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is one the most important cross functional processes. In this sense it is the ‘engine’ of every innovative company.

    One of the biggest challenges is the mastery of growing product and process complexity. Today’s high tech products are designed by many different engineering disciplines. Mechanical, electrical and electronic subsystems interoperate with more and more embedded software and hardware. Huge teams of internal and globally distributed suppliers need to work together in a collaborative way. Their work must be synchronised to make sure that all components and subsystems result in products which meet market and customers’ requirements regarding form, fit, function and compliance. Moreover every new product must be efficiently industrialised with a minimum impact on production yield. And last but not least obsolescence, phase out and recycling must be managed properly. The biggest challenge is that a Product Lifecycle is a very iterative process coping with many change requests from internal functions, suppliers and customers. Thus the most important capability of integrated SW-solutions which adequately support PLM is to consistently manage the enormous amount of revised and related product data and structures, variants and configurations, as well as derived documents.

    BearingPoint’s holistic PLM strategy approach will be individually configured to the specific prerequisites. Most important is to clarify the impact PLM might have on a company’s business drivers, i.e. time to market, cost reductions, quality improvements or compliance issues. Qualitative and quantitative potential benefits estimations can also be derived from these discussions. In order to provide tha basis for management and budget decisions we evaluate alternative PLM solutions , estimate costs, calculate ROI-calculations and provide the PLM-Roadmap.

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