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Rail Transport
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Growing down the line

There is increasing demand for rail transport of passenger and goods in Europe and beyond. This means increasing business opportunities for rail operators. To take advantage of this, operators need to consider their capacity constraints as well as the stronger international competition now evident in the European market. They will also need to establish international strategy and services in order to become serious players in more globalised markets.

Our expertise

We deliver unique methodologies for establishing international and intermodal networks. Our services include post-merger integration of foreign companies that have been acquired and also the setting up of new multimodal supply chains in emerging markets.

We can also deliver a framework that makes it possible to optimise rail operation planning, production and quality control. We have developed tools to examine transportation plans and compare them with service quality, costs and sustainability.

In addition, we offer a proven methodology that supports production by improving maintenance and material management processes. What’s more, we can even measure train punctuality and customer satisfaction.

We currently focus on:

Design & Preparation of Rail Transport Plans

BearingPoint works on transporation plan optimization with the reengineering of train process and the conception of a dedicated tool for rail transportation.

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Punctuality Measurement for Production

This offer enables the measurement of both technical regularity (trains punctuality) and quality of service/availability of transport service/punctuality perceived by the passengers.

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Set up of Cross Border Rail Cargo Operations

BearingPoint manages the establishment of intermodal transport chains in emerging markets. We focus on reliable transport management and efficient operations in conjunction with rail operators, shippers and local providers.

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Supply Chain Transformation for Rolling Stock

BearingPoint supplies methodologies that increase the availability of rolling stock by designing and implementing service driven processes in maintenance and spare part management.

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Here’s how your function relates to what we offer.

We make sure we understand your business problems, the trends in your industry and then work out what we need to do to achieve results for you.

Our consultants know where you are coming from, because they’ve usually been in your industry. We combine our deep knowledge and experience in your sector with the technical ability to create solutions with real business value. We’re always looking to find ways to improve your productivity, streamline your processes, and leverage new revenue opportunities for you.

Finally, we get results - virtually all of our most significant clients renew their relationship with us year on year.



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