Corporate real estate services design and transformation

A leader in automotive industry

Corporate real estate services design and transformation for a leader in the automotive industry.

Objectives of the project

The client has a huge and diversified real estate portfolio located all around the world. The real estate department needed to implement a ‘World-Class’ service.

Measurable & concrete results

BearingPoint intervention allowed the client to raise its productivity and cut its costs by around 15% by:

  • Creating a coherent organisation that matched the Group’s needs
  • Building a common structure of 100 persons for the various areas of real estate managed at the Group: industrial, commercial, logistics and offices
  • Implementing a customer relationship management service designed for matching internal clients’ needs with the best opportunities
  • Implementing a corporate department for the overseas real estate departments located in 118 countries

Key success factors

  • Listen and analyze the targets and the difficulties of the existing real estate organization
  • Build the target organization in tandem with the real estate team
  • Define a progressive action plan to achieve quick wins