Full scope reorganisation of all functions of a large transport group engineering subsidiary

Large transport group engineering subsidiary

Full scope reorganisation of all functions of a large transport group engineering subsidiary.

Objectives of the project

Strategic alignment and reorganisation of a large transport group engineering subsidiary. There were two objectives:

  • Assess operational organisation efficiency after the business had been running for three years
  • Satisfy group development ambitions on two strategic market segments: urban and international

Measurable & concrete results

  • New organisational structure defined and implemented in four months to match the client’s strategic priorities
  • Clear one year roadmap designed and shared to improve and boost sales and marketing efficiency
  • Greater employee involvement sustained as a result of change management and collaborative initiatives
  • Better client knowledge of competitors and shared assessment on organisation efficiency

Key success factors

  • Top Management involvement
  • Effective change management

What BearingPoint did

We took a five step approach:

  • Organisation/strategy diagnosis: interviews and benchmark study, identification of priorities
  • Target organisation definition: convergence on detailed scopes, roles and responsibilities, update of quality referential
  • Defined and implementation of a detailed transformation plan: definition and management of nine streams (including HR, finance and businesses), contribution to first actions
  • Defined and launched a sales and marketing improvement project: this saw internal / partner / customer interviews, a benchmark study, detailed action plans and launch of implementation phase
  • Change and communication management