Identity Management

Managing identities and designing authorization and authentication concepts is one of the main challenges facing CIOs today. This is particularly true for large, complex or multinational organizations. To meet the challenge you need to implement Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions. This involves not only security, but also a comprehensive view of who has done what and when in order to comply with regulations and laws.

To establish an effective IAM you need the following three components:

We can help you implement the solution you need.

How BearingPoint brings value

With our Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution you can improve the overall security of your systems, networks and user identities. You can also improve and secure access to internal and external processes, including the corresponding information assets.

We support you all the way from planning to implementation - from strategy, gathering and assessing all necessary components (such as users, role concepts and applications) to selecting solutions and establishing all the necessary governance, compliance and controlling structures.

Key components include:

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