Strategic Plan Carbon Assessment

    International Industry/infrastructure firm

    BearingPoint assessed AREVA T&D’s four-year strategy on its carbon impact and improved employee awareness of the carbon impact of their actions.

    Objectives of the project

    Assessment of the carbon impact of the group’s strategic four year plan and improvement of the employee sustainability awareness.

    Measurable & concrete results

    Top down approach: calculation model based on

    • 4YP variables (levers, action types) 
    • Direct and indirect emissions 
    • ADEME carbon categories and ratios


    Bottom up approach through actions analysis to validate top down calculation modelling and assumptions

    • Calculation tool to assess actions
    • Test on a representative sample of actions


    Delivery of high level carbon assessment conclusions

    • Some levers have a positive impact on carbon intensity: process efficiency, portfolio optimisation, environmentally friendly lever
    • But also some negatives: industrial footprint, sourcing


    Improvement of the awareness that top management and action leaders have of the carbon impact of their actions and decisions

  • Patrick Lheure

    Patrick Lheure

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