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Patient Focused Business Model

New and more efficient ways of interaction with customers. Read more

Think Mobile – Taking Advantage of the Mobile Channel in the Health Care Business

The remarkable potential of digital mobile channels. Read more

Concerted Channel Management

Thoroughly managing the plethora of communication channels. Read more

Telecommunications Outlook 2013

Future of Mobile Broadband Read more

Design Thinking - Convergence Letter 32

For the true players of the digital world, design thinking has long since been a reality. However, it is now becoming increasingly relevant for service companies. Read more

Open Source Governance In Highly Regulated Companies

As open source becomes more common, the need for governance increases dramatically. Without proper controls and processes to ensure compliance and reduce exposure, organizations will be at risk from a range of factors. Read more

Open Source Drives Innovation In Financial Services

The strategic use of open source software (OSS) can enable a financial services organisation to use up to 60 to 80 percent open source software in their enterprise and mobility applications so they can do more and develop less. Read more

A Resource Guide for Open Source In Mobile Financial Services

This whitepaper examines the state of open source in mobile financial services and presents a guide of open source software (OSS) resources that are readily available to IT, application developers, integrators and ISVs. Read more

MIKE2.0 Publication: Information Development Using MIKE2.0

Transform your business with BearingPoint’s innovative approach to Information Management: MIKE2.0 is summarised in paperback and e-book for the first time. Read more

Within a 6-hour time-frame, humanity’s annual energy level is reached - Convergence Letter 31

What if we used the only inexhaustible energy resource rather than consuming fossil energy: the sun. Read more


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