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Today, finance departments are expected to do more than provide the basic facts and figures for management decisions. They have to take into account global, regional and corporate economics, a competitive environment and regulatory and legal requirements.

In addition, general cost pressures, the need for higher efficiency and optimization targets are all bearing down on CFOs and finance departments.

The major challenges are to establish a business support network that continuously interacts with all functions - providing business insight and advice to all relevant decision makers, serving as a strategic enabler and shaping internal and external interactions. Also, the finance department needs to have an efficient and effective operating model for the CFO organization in place.

Our expertise

We help finance departments to assume a central and long-term role in strategic and business-critical decision making.

With our assistance, CFOs are able to develop new management capabilities and leave their former, more functional and administrative role, behind.

We also help to make their operations more effective and can advise finance departments on how best to provide insightful analytics - including costs, performance and risks - to management.

We currently focus on:

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

We help clients achieve more reliability and efficiency through integrated and driver-based planning.

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Corporate Commodity Trading

Both pure commodity trading firms and natural resources companies engaging in commodity trading in addition to their physical operations need to support their trading team with state-of-the-art processes based on a modern and flexible IT-application.

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Corporate Reporting and Consolidation

We offer corporate reporting and consolidation solutions and tools to significantly enhance the quality, efficiency and reliability of group reporting and to ensure best integration and harmonization with management reporting and planning.

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Corporate Treasury Management

Efficient Treasury Management is a key success factor for securing competitiveness and protecting the financial position of any corporation.

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Finance Process Improvement

Our approach transforms finance processes to improve their quality, speed, flexibility and cost efficiency.

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Intelligent Concepts for SAP New General Ledger

Our intelligent SAP New General Leger provides significantly enhanced reporting options, including multi-GAAP, multi-ledger and segment reporting as well as industry-specific solutions such as unbundling reporting for utilities.

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Operating Models for Finance

The finance units of most firms have evolved over time in response to many internal and external challenges: mergers, acquisitions, divestments and changes to regulation and accounting standards. These developments, together with fast changing internal and regulatory requirements, have led to a situation where the processes, organization, and supporting IT applications of the finance function are far from optimal and require transformation.

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Performance Management and Controlling

Focused Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and efficient steering approaches integrated into an efficient controlling organization improves performance and reduces risks.

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Receivables Management with SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM)

We help clients increase transparency in receivables management, improve working capital and provide better client dispute handling with SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM).

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Sustainability Reporting & Carbon Management

Our Sustainability Reporting & Carbon Management service helps clients develop and introduce the essential elements of sustainability management.

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